Max was the Right Teammate for My Home Renovation Olympics

As a woman who is currently competing in the 2014 Home Renovation Olympics, I am always looking for the right teammates for each home improvement event.

My Other Tools Were Hulky, Bulky Weightlifters

I was almost knocked out of contention in the compulsories of the window framing event because, after trying various saws, nothing performed the way I needed it to. My circular saw was too big, heavy, and clunky to maneuver around the arena.

I Needed a Figure Skating Partner

I needed a teammate that could get into tight spaces and make close cuts. Because I would be standing at the top of a tall ladder, I was seeking a tool that could be safely operated with one hand. That definitely narrowed down the field of contenders.

A Tool That Wouldn’t Cost Me an Arm and a Leg

Here’s where the Dremel Saw-Max came in. I had had my eye on this athlete for several months. When the cost of adding this world-class saw to my Olympic team finally dipped below $100 this week, I immediately sought it out. Every store I visited after the price drop was completely sold out of the Dremel Saw-Max. Thankfully, Amazon followed suit with the deep discount and had the tool in stock. Max and I were now partners. We were headed to the Olympics!

Why Max Made My Olympic Team

There is more than one reason why Max was heavily recruited for my Olympic Team. He is a multi-sport athlete. You name an event and Max will make it to the finals. The Dremel Saw-Max can cut wood, metal, plastic, tile, drywall, and pretty much anything encountered in a home renovation competition. Max has never been eliminated from any contest. He is always going for the gold.

Entering Our First Elimination Event

Right out of the box, it was DIY “do or die” time. Even though Max and I had just been paired together, and had had no time to practice for our event, our instincts took over. Each of us did the job we had been training for all of our lives. We performed as never before, totally synchronized, totally in the DIY moment. It was a beautiful thing.

Taking Our Place on the Medal Stand

When all was said and done, we had scored a perfect “10.” And the Olympic crowd went wild. Tears streamed down my face while standing on the podium with Max to receive our first ever home renovation gold medals. This was a moment I had dreamed of all my life. The thrill of victory, no agony of defeat… because Dremel doesn’t do defeat. Come to think of it, neither do I.

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Will you be competing in the 2014 Home Renovation Olympics? What's your event?